$SORT Token

Sorted Wallet Token ($SORT) is the utility token that powers the Sorted Wallet ecosystem, enhancing the user experience and providing a range of benefits to our community.

Saha Berry - Nigeria

I must say everything With Sorted Wallet is always Sorted! Your customer response team is super fast and helpful. I am going to refer your app to all my family and friends because it is really useful.


Premium Features and Lower Fees

$SORT holders enjoy reduced fees, exclusive perks, discounts, and premium features.

Staking Rewards

Earn attractive rewards by staking $SORT over a period of time. 


Hold $SORT tokens to participate in decision-making, vote on proposals and shape the future of the Sorted Wallet ecosystem.

Community Incentives

$SORT will help build a stronger community by organising events, educational programs, hackathons, and more.

Ecosystem Expansion

The token will fuel partnerships, enhance integrations and expand marketing collaborations.


Total Supply

500,000,000 $SORT Tokens

Total Supply

500,000,000 $SORT Tokens

Funding Sale20%For early-stage investors to accelerate the development of Sorted Wallet & $SORT.
Airdrops10%To reward existing users and promoting community engagement during launch.
Team & Advisors20%To recognize the dedication and expertise of the Sorted Wallet team; 24-month vesting.
Reserve Fund15%A backup fund for liquidity, ecosystem development, buybacks, and emergencies.
Ecosystem Fund15%To foster growth through community initiatives, events, and grants.
Partnerships and Marketing10%Allocated for strategic collaborations, integrated services, and marketing plans.
Staking Rewards10%To incentivize token holders to lock $SORT tokens for rewards.