Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is Sorted Wallet?

Sorted Wallet is the first crypto wallet designed for KaiOS feature phone users. It enables users to securely store, send, and receive digital assets with ease, even without owning a high-end smartphone. Our aim is to make crypto accessible to everyone. You can easily download Sorted Wallet from the KaiStore on your KaiOS device.

How to register for Sorted Wallet?
Who can create an account on Sorted Wallet?
What types of digital assets can I store in Sorted Wallet?
How to send digital assets with Sorted Wallet?
How to receive digital assets with Sorted Wallet?
Are there any fees associated with using Sorted Wallet?
Is the app available in different languages?

Blockchain 101

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?
What is MATIC?
What is USDC?
What is USDT?


I have an issue / complaint / feedback. Who do I contact?
Why is my transaction not arriving?